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About Tiny Nest Studio: from teacher to artist

Thanks for stopping by Tiny Nest Studio! My name is Georgia.

I started this small business about five years ago. After my son was born, I felt a creative spark. I sat down with my mom, who is also an artist, and we created a personalized alphabet poster full of the things we thought he would like (B for Berry, S for Salty, his dog, etc). When I was finished with my son's alphabet poster I realized how much fun it was to make. It combined two things I had a foundation in and am passionate about: education (I was an elementary teacher for many years) and art. And so, Tiny Nest Studio was born!

I work during naps and in stolen moments. I taught myself all the skills I didn't have like Photoshop, scanning, working with a print shop, or how best to draw something new. Things came together very slowly, but I check one thing off the list at a time.

When I'm not drawing or painting, I'm spending time with my son, walking my dog, or out hiking and exploring the beautiful wilderness of Alaska. The outdoors is my artistic inspiration and I am working on new ideas for Tiny Nest Studio all the time. My goal for Tiny Nest Studio is to create educational and interesting resources that children, parents, and teachers will find worthwhile and beautiful.